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Our Rooms Have Been Renovated!
Ivanov Petrov - Obesity Surgery Turkey
Maya Ayyach - Obesity Surgery
Martine Carlisle - Obesity Surgery Turkey
Gastric Sleeve in Turkey - Patient Story
Gastric Sleeve in Turkey - Patient Story - Erdem Hospital #obesitysurgery
Cristina's Gastric Sleeve Surgery Journey | Weight Loss Surgery Turkey
Our Patient Mr. Marius' Start His Obesity Experience
Experiences Of Our Valuable Patient Who Had An Hair Transplant Operation
Our Patient Claire Flanagan's Start His Tummy Tuck Experience
Our Patient Ms. Badea Doina Had #Breast Augmentation Surgery
Our patient from England had #breastsurgery. / #erdemhospital
Our patient, Ms. Kathleen, from England / Erdem Hospital / Tummy Tuck And Breast Surgery
Erdem Hospital / Mummy Makeover in Turkey / Our patient Carly Jane Lander